Brilliance Lab Workshops for Teams

Mike is available for keynotes and half-day and full-day workshops on the following topics:

Working In Your Zone of Genius

It's one thing to discover your zone of genius, either as an individual, as a team, or as an organization. It's completely another to implement it and leverage it into meaningful, long-term impact.

Hear Mike break down the habits that keep us stuck in the Zone of Excellence and how you can shift onto the path of everyday Zone of Genius.

Turning Information Into Change That Lasts

How many times have you or your team attended a transformational event and come away with pages and pages of notes, only to struggle to implement what you learned?

Here's how you can create a direct path to lasting change, either as individuals or as teams, complete with accountability and support from within.

Navigating Uncharted Territory

Everyone knows what to do when the map is lying right in front of them. But what happens when there's no map?

Hear Mike dive deep into engaging your compass to not only make your way through unknown territory, but to fine-tune it for any situations that arise in the future.

Anti-Fragile Leadership

Leadership that is bulletproof, anti-fragile, or otherwise unshakable doesn't just happen. It's the product of great intention, communicated transparently and applied meticulously.

Here's how you can leverage relationship into leadership that survives even the most disastrous breakdowns.

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