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Finding a coach when you're a coach yourself can be tricky. You've got a different set of needs from your own clients (most of the time, at least):

  • You're working with your own challenges and possibilities and gifts.
  • You're doing your own deep work - because you can't take your clients any deeper than you've gone yourself.
  • You're honing your craft in coaching. And because your clients are unique individuals with unique challenges and gifts, all sorts of "uncharted territory" situations will come up.
  • Oh, and you're building a coaching business in the midst of all that. 

I really wish I knew all this earlier.

My first two 1:1 coaches weren't the right fit for me. I thought I was just showing up to do a little work on myself and grow my practice - and so did my coaches. I had no idea back then that there was more to it.

During my first couple years in the business, I struggled mightily to create clients. In 2015, I had ZERO clients. In 2016, I had 4, and one of them quit a month in.

I tried every type of support I could get my hands on. Group programs. Retreats. Masterminds. Men's groups. I took the plunge into having a one-on-one coach again. And then again.

My next two one-on-one coaches changed everything. Huge lesson learned for me - they showed up without an agenda. And they were able to serve me powerfully in every area I needed it - especially the ones where I didn't even know I needed and wanted support.

Everything in my world changed from those coaching relationships.

  • My coaching business doubled in consecutive years.
  • I went from frantically hustling to gliding through the building of my business. 
  • My marriage went from the brink of divorce to work-in-progress to madly in love again!
  • I stopped wasting my energy on all the nonsense that was draining my energy and keeping my tank on empty. Instead, my time and energy funneled toward creating a life, vision, and business that fills me with excitement and energy.
  • My physical health improved dramatically. I started working out again and began taking some of my clients hiking in the mountains. Weight loss finally started to happen - I dropped the "Corporate 15".
  • I began holding back less and less, until my real voice started to come through. I fell in love with my story - my WHOLE story - and stopped hiding from it.

I learned that great coaching is a gift, not a commodity. 

And I want to offer that gift to you.

What This Will Look Like

We're going to uncover gifts you never even knew you had. The ones you're hiding from, too. And we'll use them to tap in to a level of greatness you never imagined was available to you.

You'll find your most authentic voice. Not just one note, but the whole range. You'll be supported in using it the way you've always wanted to use it. Your voice will be your impact.

You're going to have more difficult conversations than ever - with your clients, business partners, personal relationships, and even me. You're also going to develop mastery around leading these conversations through the messiness with an open heart and coming out on the other side with relationships stronger than they've ever been.

We'll work together to create an effortless relationship with money. Yes, EFFORTLESS. You'll discover a sense of ease in enrolling new clients and creating income at will.

Your business is going to become fun and easy, like a game. Creative flow is going to become an everyday thing in your business.

Coaching is going to light your world up even more than it does now. Sessions with your clients will be deeply inspired. They'll be in awe of the way you see them and will create more than they thought possible as a result of working with you.

We're going to tap into possibilities you've never noticed before. Your brilliant ideas are so much closer to reality than you've imagined. And those brilliant ideas are going to overlap and grow into even BETTER ideas. Turning those ideas into action will be graceful.

You're going to see that you're more resilient than you knew. Nothing keeps you down. You get up, keep going, and share the lessons with the world.

We'll sharpen your vision like the blade of a samurai's sword. You'll see where you want to go with crystal clarity, and you're not going to lose sight of it when things get a little messy. You'll discover a wellspring of resourcefulness as you transform that vision into reality.

There's going to be more alignment in your life and business than ever. No more tolerating stuff, no more spending too much time and energy on things you don't want to be doing. Miracles happen with space and alignment, and we're going to create lots of that.

In short, our work is going to be profoundly powerful.

We will craft your world authentically, without abstraction, vagueness, or pretense.

The time commitment for this work is one year. 

Email me at mike (at) when you're ready to start the conversation. 

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