It's Not Enough to Do What You Love...

How you do it matters, too.

One without the other is a recipe for disappointment. Un-fulfillment. 

I've met a ton of people over the years who were feeling exactly that - unfulfilled, despite all the outward success, creating something they loved, working for a cause they were passionate about. 

The what was there. The how was not.

When you're playing the game of life at a high level, the what is table stakes. Simply the threshold for entry. 

How you do what you love makes it meaningful. 

Creating your own path, bringing a legitimate sense of you to your work, business, craft, mission, whatever it is, ignites passion. It ends the search for something outside of yourself to live, work, and play in a way that's fulfilling.

There are millions of people out there who want to create a life of freedom, their dream business, art that moves the masses, and organizations that solve massive problems.  

But no effort, risk, authenticity, or creativity required, please. Oh, and absolutely no going against the grain. Just follow the exact same plan everyone else is using. It'll be fine, right?

Instead of looking for rules to follow, look for rules to break. There are plenty out there worth breaking.

Find out what everyone else is saying can't be done and move toward that.

Follow the little-worn path over the one routinely traveled by your colleagues and competitors.

Get real with yourself about the cost of creating what you want and the cost of not creating what you want. (Often, we see the cost of creating as higher than it really is - because we're looking at outdated, irrelevant, or fear-driven rules - and the cost of not creating as much lower than it actually is.)

You'll no longer be looking for the beacon of light to guide you - you will become the lighthouse. You know, the one that's lit up from within. 

Just like you.

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