The Genius Effect

I'll cut right to it:

The Genius Effect is a group coaching program that will help you discover, understand, and use your Zone of Genius in your work and your life.

Rather than explain all that in some long-form copy sales page, I decided to explain it all, off-the-cuff, in a 10-minute video. 

Just want the logistics? Scroll past the video. You'll find everything you're looking for there.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What's this going to help me do? In short: Identify, develop, and put into action your Zone of Genius. Your Zone of Genius is that thing in the world where you are uniquely talented or have a unique point of view. For you, it may mean tapping into some innate brilliance you've brushed aside for many years, merging several different skills, discovering a unique perspective and finding the voice to match, or something completely different. 

How many times will we meet? We'll meet 4 times, plus one wrap-up call after those 4 calls.

When do we meet? We'll meet for 5 consecutive Thursdays from July 16th to August 13th at 3pm Eastern time, noon Pacific time. Each call will last for 90 minutes.

How do we stay connected between calls? There will be a Facebook group opening on July 1st. I'll be posting prompts, answering questions, and sharing some of my own insights on there. You're invited to share your own experiences and insights there, as well.

What happens when we're done? The Facebook group will stay open so we can stay connected and continue to support one another that way. You'll also be able to email me if that feels better to you. I know this whole process can take longer in some situations, and I honor that. 

How much does this cost? The program fee is $697.

How do I sign up? Just click any of the Enroll Now buttons on this page.

What happens after I sign up? I'll start sharing details with you via email. Please allow 24 hours to receive your first email.

Are there bonuses for enrolling early? YES! Everyone who enrolls before July 1st will receive a bonus 1-hour one-on-one coaching session (Value: $900) with me. You can schedule that for before, during, or after the program.

Hey, I've got a question you didn't answer! No problem! Send me an email to mike (at), put The Genius Effect in the subject line, and I'll respond to your question.