Jed Collins - The Fullback of Finance (#7)

Jedidiah (Jed) Collins is a Certified Financial Planner, the author of Your Money Vehicle, and the creator of the Your Money Vehicle learning course. In his previous career, he was a fullback in the NFL, playing for 8 seasons.

In this episode:

  • How life in the NFL send Jed down the road of personal finance
  • The most common financial mistakes EVERYONE makes
  • The human side of personal finance - not playing a game of scarcity

Links from the Episode:

Jed's website

Your Money Vehicle by Jedidiah Collins

Jed's NFL career overview at Pro Football Reference

Jed's online course, Money Vehicle, at Teachable

Find Jed on LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter

Becoming a Certified Financial Planner

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