Paul Haury - Brilliance In The Moment (#9)

Paul Haury has spent the last 25 years making workplaces healthier, happier, more fun, and higher-performing, first in roles like Head of IT and Head of People, and now as a coach and consultant.

And that's all secondary to WHO Paul is in the world. He's a man who lives his life fully every day, isn't afraid to make a mess, finds love and kindness everywhere, and shares that everywhere he can.

This conversation covered a ton of ground - we pressed record with no agenda, no plan, and no idea where we would end up going. A few of the things we talked about:

  • Living life all-in, and how our experiences impacted our focus on what's important
  • How we often mistake urgency for inspiration
  • Aggressive yard signs, judgment, and how we naturally start from the bias of seeking disagreement
  • Our favorite forms of psychological armor

Links from the Episode:

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