Nothing to Solve

One morning, my coach Steve Chandler and I were talking about being a professional. He dropped this wisdom bomb on me:

"You're always on a path. Sometimes you're on the path of the professional. Then you're not - you get on another path. But you want to be on the professional path.
The skill you have to learn is the skill of bringing yourself back onto the path without thinking about what got you off the path in the first place.
There's nothing to solve."

Nothing to solve. 

It would be really easy to over-talk this. 

Instead, take an inventory for yourself.

How much time do you spend thinking about why you got off the path you want to be on, giving it all sorts of meaning, diagnosing yourself, shaming yourself, worrying about time lost?

Now, what if all that STILL meant there was nothing to solve?

How much time would you reclaim for yourself - and how much of that could go toward your path?

How much physical, mental, and emotional energy?

How much money?

Hold those words with you next time you catch yourself screwing around on Facebook or doing anything but being on the path. Remind yourself. Get back on the path.

Nothing to solve.

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