Think about it.

What would you REALLY LOVE to create?

Would it be more money, maybe a raise or a promotion or a 10% revenue hike in your business? 

More free time so you can work on something you'd rather be doing instead of what you've been doing?

Now think bigger.

What would you create without the limitations of circumstance? 

What would you create without the limitations of the past? 

What would you create without ANY limitations?

What would your MISSION be? 

What would you be unable to keep on the back burner anymore?

Let's raise the stakes a little more...

What would you love to EXPERIENCE while you create this?

Would it be the same old grind of toiling exhaustingly long hours with your teeth gritted the whole way?

Or would you prefer to experience Freedom?





Now we're talking.

That's what I help powerful people create.

Are you IN?


In the last year, I've created everything I wanted to create.

My mind is blown.

Thanks for changing my life.

Caelin Aerin

CEO, Touchstone Copy


Mike is one of the most powerful motherfuckers I know.

Rich Litvin

Founder, 4PC and Author, The Prosperous Coach


Mike has some magical qualities it's hard to put a finger on. When I drop in with Mike I melt away conditioning and ego. The unconditional love and support I've received from this man, the scary leaps, life-changing, man.

Kevin Lawrence 

Producer and Creative Mastermind

Meet Mike Harris

Personal advisor and coach to champions of all sorts, lover of nature, avid hiker and trail runner, former world-class poker player, and creator of The CURL Method.

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