experience radical freedom.

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Imagine for a moment that you are free. Radically free.

Obnoxiously, offensively, overwhelmingly free.

As you allow this vision to unfold in your mind, you might notice that you've unintentionally mixed some not-freedoms in with your sense of radical freedom. Obligations, conditions, rules, orthodoxy. 

"But I have kids, and if I did X, I'd be a lousy parent." 

"Yeah, but I have to earn a living!"

"If I follow that path, then who am I?"

Those, my friend, are not yours. Never were. Never will be.

Radical freedom - the freedom that is your birthright - is unconditional. Unimpeded. 

You already possess it. 

You've forgotten that.

Let's bring you home to it and watch it beautifully blossom into the life you were meant for.

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