In the last year, I've created everything I wanted to create.

My mind is blown.

Thanks for changing my life.

caelin aerin

CEO, Touchstone Copy

Mike is one of the most powerful motherfuckers I know.

Rich litvin

Founder, 4PC and Author, The Prosperous Coach

I've never felt anything like the love and trust Mike gives in our conversations. When I feel that love and unconditional trust, it's like rocket fuel for making the most clear choice possible. He's been a champion for me.

aaron caulfield

CEO Whisperer

Mike has some magical qualities it's hard to put a finger on. When I drop in with Mike I melt away conditioning and ego. The unconditional love and support I've received from this man, the scary leaps, life-changing, man.

kevin lawrence

Producer and Creative Mastermind

One conversation with Mike changed the trajectory of my entire career. He saw everything, all the ways I step up as a leader, all the ways I avoid being a leader, and got to all the things underneath that has changed every part of my life.


NFL player

There's no coach I know more generous with their presence and attention than Mike.

Steve chandler

Speaker, coach, and author of more than 30 books

Working with Mike shook up my world - in the best way possible.   

dr. aron choi