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rick rubin

Most people introduce themselves by saying what they do. Let's get that part out of the way first.

I'm a performance mastery coach. 

People ask, "What does that even mean?"

The short answer is that I support people who are performing at an extremely high level at becoming even greater in their craft and their life by mastering themselves from the inside-out. There's a method I've created, called The CLUE Method, that lays out the coaching "arc" someone might go through with me.

The long answer: Come find out. I can tell you about it all day, but it'll never be the same as experiencing it.

Before coaching, I was a high-stakes professional poker player, a champion pool player, a bartender, and a corporate finance leader. They all have influenced how I lead and how I coach, but not in the way you'd expect - I learned much more by going against the grain in each of those things than I did by following what appeared successful on the surface.

None of that, though, fully describes what I'm all about.

I live from principles. Love. Freedom. Alignment.

All in service of Simplicity, Quality, and Mastery.

The road to that hasn't been a straight line. It's been messy and full of success and failure, joy and pain, struggle and ease.

I grew up feeling both powerful and powerless. Powerful in the sense that I knew that there was a level of mastery in life and craft that most people don't know about or just don't care to know about (although I wouldn't have said "mastery" back then). Powerless in the sense that there wasn't much love to go around at home or at school, so I ended up burying my sensitivity and my different way of seeing the world until I was safe - when I was alone.

As soon as I was old enough, I started to make my own world. Bouncing in and out of school and from major to major. Spending lots of time in something I was passionate about - playing pool. 

Since I needed money, I turned to waiting tables and bartending. Although I was a little socially awkward starting out (residue from a childhood spent hiding), I ended up becoming spectacularly social. That led to me becoming a heavy partier, too - which became a problem.

By my mid-20's, all that partying caught up with me. Alcohol was getting in the way of relationships, work, and pool. I'd disappear for months at a time from any of them. My life was full of screw-ups, to the point where I went bankrupt and had to move back home with my parents.

While I licked my wounds, my understanding of mastery started to come alive. I picked myself up off the ground, got another restaurant job (where I met my wife!) and dedicated myself to becoming a pro poker player. 

Less than a year later, I was playing high-stakes poker professionally, moving in with my then-girlfriend/now-wife, and making way more money than I ever had before.

A few years later, I decided it was time for a change and moved into the world of corporate finance.

I'll spare you all the details of those 12 years, but I learned just as much about human moves and desire in the boardroom as I did at the poker table. 

About 10 years in to my finance career, I realized I'd been feeling unfulfilled and unchallenged, and that my work wasn't aligned with how I wanted my life to work. I never loved the grind, and it sure didn't love me back. It was time to move on again, but I had no idea what was next.

As I rediscovered what I really wanted this life to represent, I came across coaching. My good fortune was that I found some of the best in the business right out of the gate!

I've spent the last 7 years in devotion to becoming the best coach on this planet.

I will challenge you like you've never been challenged before.

I will call you forward into the greatness that you are.

I will support you in dreaming bigger, playing harder, figuring out the unfigureoutable, creating the impossible, and remembering who you are.

I will support you in loving more fully and living more freely.

I will stand side-by-side with you in service of you not compromising what you really want.

I will be by your side when things look bleak, and I will help you up when you fall.

I will serve you from an endless buffet of Love, Freedom, and Alignment, in service of Simplicity, Quality, and Mastery.

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