About Mike Harris

This is me.

The short version:

I'm the personal advisor and coach to brilliant executives and entrepreneurs, top athletes and performing artists, and those in the making. My career in personal advisory and coaching officially began in 2015 - in reflection, though, I've been doing this since the early 2000's. 

My long-term mission in this business is to champion the visionaries and bridge-builders who will begin to shape the next 100 generations of life on this planet.

In prior chapters, I worked with 9-through-12-figure companies in the world of corporate finance, was a world-class high-stakes professional poker player and a national-class pool player, and built racing engines for fun.

When I'm not working with clients, I'm usually on a hiking trail or out training for a race.

My Commitments and Work:

My life and my work are driven by five words:

"I'm going to do that."

It's a simple, yet powerful commitment whose words belie its intensity. 

Rolled up into those five words is an intrinsic no-matter-what-ness and the three pillars of how I create everything in my life: simplicity, quality, and mastery.

It led me to national amateur championships in pool, to becoming a world-class high-stakes poker player, to creating extraordinary results in my corporate career, and to guiding clients beyond the outer edges of their potential.

What do clients create when they work with me?

  • They develop unshakable confidence.
  • They discover an inner stillness during times of chaos.
  • They become powerful emotional leaders.
  • Their businesses thrive - increased revenue, higher profits, clearer impact - while staying on mission.
  • Their teams work together seamlessly and fluidly. Team members step into their own leadership.
  • In every part of their lives, they outperform even their own high expectations.

And none of it is a struggle. 

Our work together begins with committed space. In a world where we are often demanded, tempted, and guilted to be in many places at once, having committed space to focus on one thing - YOU - is a gift. 

The work we do is one-of-a-kind. It's influenced by ancient and modern Zen wisdom, the principles of professional coaching, a lifetime of being a student of human behavior, decades of top-flight play at strategic and competitive games. It translates just as beautifully to the boardroom as it does the athletic field or the stage.

It's not for anyone who's uncommitted to themselves or looking for a quick fix. 

And it's not for the faint of heart.

My vision is pointed directly at exponential change. Together, we move mountains.

My Personal Manifesto.

This has evolved over time. It is a true expression of who I AM.

I AM connected to the Infinite, the Universal, to Love. WE is the most powerful force in my life. It is the source of everything.

I AM an infinite well of love. I am IN LOVE with my wife. I am IN LOVE with this life. I am IN LOVE with this world. I love easy, and I love hard.

I AM adventure. I crave it, I seek it. It is in my blood and my bones. Adventure finds me wherever I go. We are partners on this journey.

I AM free. My life is built around freedom. Freedom AS. Freedom as myself, 100% of myself. I stand for this for all humans.

I AM that I guide every person I meet to rediscover themselves.

I AM that I bring brilliant and powerful people together to create what the world needs to thrive. I am blessed by every person I meet. Every person I meet is blessed by me.

I AM a bridge. I AM a conduit. I connect unconnectable dots.

I AM reverent irreverence. I care so much I don't care. I am willing to dishonor in the name of honor. My range knows no limits.

I AM pure joy. Joy lives inside of me and radiates from my BEing in every moment.

I AM unmesswithable. Unfuckwithable. I am resilient to no end. I fall down and I pick myself up and keep going, no matter what.

I AM fully committed to the "No Matter What" in everything I do. When I am not committed to the "No Matter What," I choose to either commit or un-commit fully.

I AM alignment. Everything I do is consistent with who I AM and what I seek to create in this world.

I AM pure, unfiltered brilliance. I am the chess grandmaster, playing the game 12 moves ahead of their opponent.

I AM kind. I am generous. I am benevolent. I am caring. I lead with my heart.

I AM an instigator. I am a provocateur. I start shit. I stir shit. I shake shit up. I am a force that causes people around me to do the same.

I AM a force of nature. A conversation with me is like being in the eye of a hurricane.

I AM that I bend reality. I bend reality through my declarations. I bend reality through my asks. I bend reality through my BEing.

I AM alchemy. I create something from nothing as a way of life.

I AM healthy, strong, and able bodied. My mind, body, and spirit are constantly evolving into greater and greater health and vitality.

I AM that the people I support experience miracles. They CREATE miracles. WE create miracles.

I AM the most loving husband. I love my wife in ways that defy human language. I give myself to this love fully.

I AM that my entire life is a meditation. Doing the dishes. Being in conversation. Going for a run. I am always coming home.

I AM fun. I am funny. I am playful like a puppy. I am that I see humor and absurdity everywhere I go.

I AM the most keen observer of humans. I observe with all of my senses, especially the ones we don't acknowledge.

I AM that I stand for the rights of others. I do not flinch in the face of resistance.

I AM that I stand for nature. I do not flinch in the face of resistance.

I AM that I stand for LOVE. I do not flinch in the face of resistance.

I AM constantly discovering myself. I AM perfect brilliant stillness.

I AM that I have lived many lives within this one. I am fully at peace with the present. I am fully at peace with the past. I am fully at peace with the future.


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