About Mike

There are two parts to this.

There's the part that you're probably more curious about right now - "What does this guy do?" - and the part I really want you to know - "Who Am I?"

What I Do

I'm a professional coach to people who are at or on the road to the highest levels in their lives and their professions, whether they're corporate leaders, coaches, creatives, athletes, entrepreneurs, or performers.

Before that, I was a professional poker player, then a leader in the corporate world for 12 years. 

Coaching has always been a natural extension of my work - I coached and mentored a few players as a poker pro and both gave and received coaching extensively over the course of my corporate career.

Since making the choice to become a coach, I've had the opportunity to study extensively under masters like Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin.

I don't separate someone's personal life from their work or their creative endeavors - it's all deeply intertwined. How you are in one relationship - work, romantic, or otherwise - is how you are in all your relationships. And you're always in relationship with SOMETHING. 

When we begin to work together, the scope of our work is your whole world - your relationships, your work, your creativity, your seeing of the world around you, and how you relate to all of it. 

Who I Am

I'm an adventurous, truth-seeking soul who sees possibility in everything - even in the impossible.

Something clicked for me when I was about 4 or 5 years old - maybe it was the INSANE amount of time I spent watching The Incredible Hulk - but I've always been obsessed with the idea that there's more available to us and from us. That exceptions aren't to be ignored - they are the highest expression of possibility.

My folks weren't exactly fans of that - they were old-school and their idea of a good life was having the same job for life (whether you liked it or not) and surviving. Needless to say, my enthusiasm about possibility was met with a wet blanket most of the time.

That became the foundation for my work in coaching. From the time I was growing up right up until now, my life has always included my looking inward at the gap between the possibility I know exists and the limitations I've taken on - whether I created the limitation myself or I accepted the one someone else "assigned" to me.

I've always my life differently, devoting myself to experimentation, adventure, and being willing to screw it all up. My whole world transformed along the way:

  • From a socially awkward walking piece of furniture into an interesting, outgoing guy who could rub shoulders with anyone on cue.
  • Risk became a gift, a compass that could guide me where others could not or would not go, rather than an obstacle to creating what I really wanted for this life. 
  • From being angry, frustrated, and judgmental (and being unable to hide all that, by the way) to being a kind, empathetic, calming force.
  • From needing the world to be a certain way to loving the world as it is and creating whatever I want and need.
  • From being unsure of what's next and needing more and more information all the time to trusting my inner compass and being able to adjust and realign on the move.
  • From having my success and achievement dictating my happiness and fulfillment to creating my own happiness and fulfillment, and those things sourcing my success and achievement.

Change was the thing I was taught to fear most when I was growing up. 

It turns out change has become one of the most fulfilling forces in my world.

Sound like something you'd love to create for yourself?

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