Make it personal. It's always yours.

rick rubin

I'm the luckiest human being alive.

I get to practice two soul-crafts every day.

One, coaching. What's better than creating a sacred space with another person where we can look at their life, their business, and their relationships, get REALLY honest about what they want in them, and then create it? To me, there's nothing better. Giving legs to our dreams, prayers, and wishes is the essence of life. Read more about that below.

The other way I move people's lives is as a woodworker/furniture maker. I won't get into that much here, but I'll say I've done it since 2008 and it's been as good for my soul as it has for the folks who have been kind enough to commission my work.

I hit the jackpot by marrying the best , most beautiful human being I know. Every single day, I put all my being into being the kind of man that deserves her.

Every person I come into contact with is a blessing to me. It's simply a joy to be connected to other people - I can't get enough of it.

Some things I want you to know about me:

I started coaching back in 2015 and have about 5,000 hours under my belt. I've studied under some of the best coaches in the world and fold in the skills I learned from being a professional poker player and 

I've always been a possibility junkie - not just about looking at it, but about creating it. For as long as I can remember, "Be Realistic" has never been a strategy in my life. This is one of the foundations of my coaching.

Most people who know me know I was a professional poker player and worked in corporate finance, but I also worked as an auto mechanic, a waiter and bartender, and did several other odd jobs in my life. A couple things I learned in all those jobs: always give your very best, and take moments whenever you can to see, hear, and know people.

I love experimenting and taking risks - I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get to the truth.

I value application over concepts. Concepts and ideas are powerful, but only when we give them legs and make them real.

I'm an extrovert and can't really get enough human connection. I don't really like crowds much, though. 

I was born in 1977 in New Jersey into a middle-class-ish family, by far the youngest of my parents' 4 kids. My youngest sibling is 10 years older than me. 

I'm a nature lover. Many of my clients end up doing nature walks, hikes, and adventures with me at some point.

I live from principles. Love. Freedom. Alignment.

All in service of Simplicity, Quality, and Mastery.

I've spent the last 7 years in devotion to becoming the best coach on this planet.

I will challenge you like you've never been challenged before.

I will call you forward into the greatness that you are.

I will support you in dreaming bigger, playing harder, figuring out the unfigureoutable, creating the impossible, and remembering who you are.

I will support you in loving more fully and living more freely.

I will stand side-by-side with you in service of you not compromising what you really want.

I will be by your side when things look bleak, and I will help you up when you fall.

I will serve you from an endless buffet of Love, Freedom, and Alignment, in service of Simplicity, Quality, and Mastery.