Make it personal. It's always yours.

rick rubin

My life and my work are driven by five words:

"I'm going to do that."

It's a simple, yet powerful commitment whose words belie its intensity. 

Rolled up into those five words is an intrinsic no-matter-what-ness and the three pillars of how I create everything in my life: simplicity, quality, and mastery.

Since 2015, I've called myself a coach/personal advisor, and I spent my entire life preparing for it.

Even when I was watching Saturday morning cartoons, I got the importance and the generative power of Being - capital B intended. Most kids instinctively do - the difference was that I never let it go.

Every challenge I've faced along the way has honed, sharpened, and refined that foundational way of Being.

Each vocation I've undertaken - from manual labor to corporate finance, from professional poker to elite coaching - has focused and deepened my understanding of how that Being works and of how it's expressed in the world. 

Being married to and in love with a wonderful, powerful woman keeps me grounded and humbled.

Kings, queens, leaders, and champions have never settled for what was available on every corner. They possess unique sensibilities and have honored them by not receiving homogenized counsel.

Do yourself that favor, as well.

In every vocation, discipline, field, practice, and way of operating in the world, there is standard practice, and there is what's effective. 

There is the official rulebook, and there is the way the game is really played at the highest level.

There is the homogenized, recycled, and regurgitated information, and there is what's real.

If you want someone to give you 10 tips on how to make more money so you can be happier, keep searching - that won't be me. 

If you want to be in a committed space that will allow you to access everything you've got in service of whatever you desire - true freedom, peace, the highest expression of your potential, bringing a grand vision to life - come work with me.

This is a gift, and I do not take it for granted.

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