About Mike Harris

This is me.

The short version:

I'm the personal advisor and coach to brilliant executives and entrepreneurs, top athletes and performing artists, and those in the making. My career in personal advisory and coaching officially began in 2015 - in reflection, though, I've been doing this since the early 2000's. 

My long-term mission in this business is to champion the visionaries and bridge-builders who will begin to shape the next 100 generations of life on this planet.

In prior chapters, I worked with 9-through-12-figure companies in the world of corporate finance, was a world-class high-stakes professional poker player and a national-class pool player, and built racing engines for fun.

When I'm not working with clients, I'm usually on a hiking trail or out training for a race.

The Full Monty:

My life and my work are driven by commitments.

Simple, yet powerful commitments whose words might belie its intensity. 

"I'm going to do that."

Back in 2003, my life was at an inflection point. My finances were nonexistent, I'd been through a string of failed relationships, and any dreams I'd had of making it as a world-class pool player seemed over.

One night, I was wiping down the bar at a crappy chain restaurant at the end of another $65 shift. The World Series of Poker was on the bar TV. I watched as a bunch of regular-looking people wore sunglasses indoors, talked trash, and bet absurd amounts of money on their own skill. 

In that moment, I declared to myself, "I'm going to do that."

A year later, I was one of them.

Now, in the year between those two things - making that declaration and considering myself an "earning pro" - I went broke 11 times. Eleven. Times.

There are a couple unspoken commitments that accompany my declarations, too:

"No matter what."

"Quality and mastery are the way of my life."

I came to know freedom for the first time, even as I went broke once a month on average. It was because I wasn't seeking freedom from something outside of me or freedom through something outside of me, it's that I saw freedom AS me. I was free, and this was how I lived as an expression of the freedom I knew.

These commitments pervade my life and my work, 17 years later. 

"I'm going to do that. No matter what. Quality and mastery are the way of my life."

Simple, but not easy. 

I left poker in 2006 and worked in corporate finance for 12 years. There was an air of me "finally finding myself," which at that time meant doing something that fed me while also satisfying the people in my life. 

By 2015, I was burned out - successful but unfulfilled, fed but not healthy, overworked and undercommitted, and the air in my life was not that I'd found myself, but that I'd lost myself.

I returned to my commitments - not simply to the words, but to the spirit of them. Slowing down. Putting myself in the way of serendipity. Trusting my gut and my heart.

One day, I was gifted an executive coaching session. Thirty minutes that rocked my world.

Suddenly, there was a whole new set of possibilities - mainly, the possibility that I could offer exactly the gift I'd just received.

"I'm going to do that. No matter what. Quality and mastery are the way of my life."

Since 2015, personal advisory and coaching has been my vocation. In 2017, it became my full-time profession.

I've spent the last several years studying under some of the masters of this craft, and I've developed my own brand of mastery along the way.

More than anything, I'm a master of commitment and of supporting people who create their own powerful commitments - and then leveraging those commitments into pervasive shifts that create new realities.

That is what my work is about. It's not for anyone who's uncommitted to themselves or looking for a quick fix. 

And it's not for the faint of heart.

My vision is pointed directly at exponential change. Together, we move mountains. When we work together, everything will change.

My Personal Manifesto.

This has evolved over time. It is a true expression of who I am.

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