Make it personal. It's always yours.

rick rubin

I live from principles. Love. Freedom. Alignment.

All in service of Simplicity, Quality, and Mastery.

I've spent the last 8 years in devotion to becoming the best coach on this planet.

I will challenge you like you've never been challenged before.

I will call you forward into the greatness that you are.

I will support you in dreaming bigger, playing harder, figuring out the unfigureoutable, creating the impossible, and remembering who you are.

I will support you in loving more fully and living more freely.

I will stand side-by-side with you in service of you not compromising what you really want.

I will be by your side when things look bleak, and we will celebrate all your victories together, big and small.

I will serve you from an endless buffet of Love, Freedom, and Alignment, in service of Simplicity, Quality, and Mastery.

A quick timeline of my life:

1977: Born in Willingboro, NJ, the youngest of 4 children.

1981-ish: The first time an adult told me to "be realistic." Also, the first time I did not listen to an adult telling me to be realistic.

1994-2003: Discovery. Studied philosophy, psychology, accounting, physics, and computer science in college. Dropped out 4 times, eventually degreed in accounting but spent my time reading all the great philosophers. During this time, I also worked several years as a waiter and bartender, which helped cure most of the social awkwardness I grew up with.

2003-2006: Professional poker player. One night wiping down the bar at work, I caught the World Series of Poker on a nearby TV and said, "I'm going to do that." A year later, I did, becoming a lifelong student of human moves along the way.

2006-2017: Corporate finance. This was the time in my life I realized success does not necessarily lead to fulfillment. I'd created all the things in my life that were supposed to mean my life was good, but I mostly felt deeply lost and was left wondering where my mojo went. Until...

2014: Discovered coaching. I knew coaching was a thing, but I didn't get it until I came across Rich Litvin in a Facebook group we were both in. His writing struck me. I bought the book he and Steve Chandler wrote together, The Prosperous Coach. I dove deep. I was in love. THIS was what I'd always wanted in my life but never knew it.

2018-today: The Path continues to unfold. There are a million stories. It's restored my marriage from the brink of divorce. It's created community and belonging from scratch. It's served individuals, families, businesses, and entire communities, one person at a time.

I and my work are not part of the Coaching-Industrial Complex. You won't be seeing a bunch of ads for me out on Google or Facebook, or mass direct messages on LinkedIn. I don't package neat little solutions for the purpose of my clients checking a box and myself cashing a check. This is one of the most human professions there is, and my way of honoring that is partly through what I offer and how I offer it.

The work on this path is simple, but not easy. At some point, you will say, "Yeah, I already knew that." And I'll ask, "How far has only 'knowing' that gotten you?"

Live brilliantly,