About Mike

This is me.

Most people know me as the personal advisor and coach to high-level executives, brilliant entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, and performing artists. My background is in finance, poker, and billiards.

And they stop there.

They stop at the strategic thinking, the financial know-how, cultivating the "nose for winning," navigating risks, and becoming fearless.

That's not all there is.

What I want you to know is that's all the tip of the iceberg. And most of that isn't all that interesting to me anymore.

There are other things I want you to know about me. Sharing some of them here is invigorating. Others have my stomach in knots.

My work and my play are not separate. They are un-separate. One. This life is art and every moment is my canvas.

I've seen, experienced, and known the power of We, which I consider to be the true source of everything created.

I'm a master of high-level complex pattern recognition. That's a fancy way of saying I quickly see the nuances of your greatest strengths, weaknesses, and confluences - especially those you don't see yourself.

My entire life is and always has been driven by possibility. Many people know me as "unrealistic," whatever that is. I speak big, crazy ideas into the world and bring them to life. 

And it's all FUN. I am fully committed to living my life and creating my business, my marriage, and every relationship in my world from fun and joy.

That hasn't always been my life. After a decade of living at a breakneck pace in the corporate world - working 70 and 80 and 90 hour weeks, pretending to be someone I never even wanted to be - I burned out. My health began to fail - anxiety attacks, rapid weight gain, skyrocketing blood pressure, and at one point, I had every single sympton of late-stage adrenal cancer without actually having it (and was fearfully checking WebMD every time I saw a "new symptom"). My marriage began to fail - my wife and I separated for two years after 7 years of failed attempts to conceive a baby. The career I thought would finally bring me "real success" felt more and more like a trap every day.

That all changed. I had a choice - commit to the pain and let it overrun my life, or commit to LIFE.

I chose the latter.

My commitment to LIFE - a life of uncompromising fun and joy - brought my health back to order. 

I left my old career. Burned the boats while maintaining the highest level of integrity. 

My commitment to LIFE - and to being a better man and husband, and to having difficult conversations with grace and an open heart - brought my wife and I back together.

And in the middle of all that, I grew this business from a side hustle that nourished me where my corporate career couldn't into a full-time endeavor that supports powerful people in creating things even they don't see as possible.

In short, I came ALIVE.

Most people in my field focus on incremental change. I have no interest in that. My vision is pointed directly at exponential change. Together, we move mountains. When we work together, everything will change.

My Personal Manifesto.

This has evolved over time. It is a true expression of who I am.

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