Shallow waters don't lead to new continents.

constance friday

You're here because you want to make extraordinary part of your everyday life. Not incrementally better, not average gain, but a level of quality in your life that is truly rare.

You're more like a king or queen than you may give yourself credit for. You have unique sensibilities, and those sensibilities tell you that the average advice and counsel dispensed in the everyday world falls short of what you're looking for.

We're going to honor those sensibilities of yours and cut right through all the crap. We'll get right to the point, no hidden agendas, no fluff, and no hiding or holding back.

We'll look at every aspect of your life - relationships, business, career, money, health, joy, you name it. And I'll challenge you to look at each one differently, experience it as a different You.

We'll dive deep into the roles you play and the rules you play by: The ones that are standard practice, and those that provoke greatness; The ones that confine us, and the ones that free us; The ones that bring incremental gains, and those that give rise to limitless growth.

We will go to places within beyond your imagination - places that don't exist on Google or Facebook or anywhere else in the plastic world.

It's straightforward, but not easy.

You speak. I listen. We create.

Your entire world bursts wide open.

The work we'll do together is what I call Expressed Depth: the inner foundation (your being) and the outer expression (your doing).

We create a committed space where the sole focus is YOU. And in this space, we hold the very best and highest for ourselves and one another. We speak with radical candor, listen with radical empathy, and rise in radical freedom.

This work is not for the feint of heart.

Many of my clients work with me for a year or more. They come from all sorts of different backgrounds: corporate CEOs, physicians, professional athletes, startup entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, singers, comedians, attorneys, authors, and business owners of many types.

1-on-1 Coaching Options:

The Full Monty (100 hours, including 3 live full-day immersions)

Semi-Monthly Coaching Agreement (50 hours, including 2 live full-day immersions)

20 Hours (typically ten 2-hour sessions)

Jam Session (3 hours, in-person only)

Coaching happens in-person or via phone. 

Our word in these agreements will be more powerful than any document.

If you're interested in working together, please email

Serious and appropriate inquiries only.