Shallow waters don't lead to new continents.

constance friday

Our work is not part of the Coaching-Industrial Complex.  

It doesn't include neat little solutions for the purpose of you checking a box and myself cashing a check. 

We won't be doing cute little exercises or value inventories or personality tests or talking about friendly little mindset hacks to sooth the thinky-brain.

It's not going to be ecstatically waving spiritual flags in the name of creating the false mimetic bliss that the Coaching-Industrial Complex is pushing on us.

There are not 5 steps. Or 7 steps. Or 14. 

No, this is simple. Easy? No. Simple, yes. 

You speak.

I listen. 


You will hear truths that are deeply uncomfortable, perhaps even unsettling.

You will have to consider questions you've never heard before, anywhere. Questions to which there may not be a definitive answer.

You will encounter and examine the most well-defended corners of your heart, and everything held within them.

We'll dive deep into the roles you play and the rules you play by: The ones that are standard practice, and those that provoke greatness; The ones that confine us, and the ones that free us; The ones that bring incremental gains, and those that give rise to limitless growth.

Together, we will go to places within far beyond your imagination - places that don't exist on Google or Facebook or anywhere else in the plastic world.

This is how you begin to find the truth - about you, about your life, about who you can't not be.

Your world will burst wide open.

I assume you're here because your sensibilities are not of the common world.

You feel something in your blood, in your bones, that tells you there is a way of living, a way of working, a way of loving, a way of relating, a way of BEing that is far beyond what thousands of years of conditioning has taught us.

You see that what passes for quality counsel in this world stops well short of fulfilling its promise. You see that it avoids self-confrontation, deep inquiry, and ultimately, truth.

You have a sense of what greatness truly is, and you crave it in every aspect of your life.

In this sense, you are an extremely rare breed.

In service of that - our work will be right to the point. No hidden agendas. No fluff. No hiding. No holding back.

We will go beyond the circumstances and conditions to get to the truth of what your uncommon sensibilities and your undefended heart can create.

Everything is on the table.

My clients come from all walks of life: corporate CEOs, doctors, professional athletes, startup founders, nonprofit leaders, singers, comedians, attorneys, authors, and more.

Most clients opt to work with me for 6 months or a year at a time. 

Some clients work with me for a single day, and I've had clients who have worked with me for more than 5 years. My work is primarily 1-on-1 or for couples, 1-on-2.

Coaching occurs in-person in New Jersey or via phone. 

If you're interested in working together, please email

Serious and appropriate inquiries only.