How To Be A Great Coaching Client

Over the 6 years I've been coaching, I've met thousands of coaches.

They're from all different walks - business coaches, life coaches, marketing coaches, sex coaches, marriage coaches, sport coaches, performance coaches, voice coaches. 

Many of them have rules, tips, or hacks about what their clients can do to be better at being clients.

Things like:

Show up on time

Be attentive

Take notes

Go deep

Show up with a question they want answered

Show up knowing what they'd like to create

Show up with a huge dream

Be vulnerable

Take big risks

Take tiny steps

Go for something "impossible"

Be brave

Lean into their courage

Get big results

Make a big impact (these last couple seem to be more about the coach than the client)

And many more...

There's one rule, though, that coaches rarely mention, if at all. 

They don't mention it because they're not aware of it. Many of them don't even care to know it - because they're not willing to do it themselves.


That's it.

It's simple, but not easy.

Just BE there. Don't analyze it. Don't conceptualize it. Don't make up a framework around it or try to engineer it. 

BE in the experience. Let yourself go without your flesh-thinker pulling the strings. Allow yourself to be unfettered, unfiltered, unrefined. The YOU that's been layering up with the Armani suits or the Louboutins or the Porsche or the title or the role you play at home or all of the above.

Notice yourself.

Stay with it.

It will be noisy. Sometimes extremely noisy.

That's your flesh-thinker. It would like your attention. It wants you to know it's got this, and it's got a fact sheet full of rationalizations and justifications for why that's so.

Don't give it attention. That's what got you HERE.

Look inward. Keep looking inward.

Look at the YOU beneath the prestige conveyed to you by the outside world. 

See the power. The greatness. The beauty. The innocence. The perfection.

Feel all the emotions. The joy. The grief. The fury. The elation. 

The peace. The contentment. 

The truth that is you.

The circumstances around you are all just a template. Context. Without them, all these qualities still exist profoundly within you.

It's simple, but not easy. Your attention will waver.

Call upon your tenacity.

Stay with it.

Keep looking inward. 

See you.

BE in the experience.

BE in the experience of what it's like to be the majestically powerful, strikingly beautiful, perfectly innocent and innocently perfect YOU.

What's possible when you are fully expressed from THAT?

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